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The gastronomy and the hotel industry are complex businesses. Many factors need to be put to play in order to create a coherent overall work of art. This requires security and solutional thinking."ForHoreca" supports you with ideas and a comprehensive round-the-clock supply.

We are working for You, and believe that this is not only B2B or B2C. It is Human-to-Human - H2H now. Operationallity, creativity and insight helps us to concentrate on main things, to find out Your real needs and keep moving together towards a common goal. Our vision is to be the one who creates and delivers modern and unique products that bring joy to each HUMAN. The mission is to help people choose the best quality for their needs for the best price.  


Openness to innovation
- continuous improvement, ingenuity, creativity;

Respect - for the person, each other and the surrounding environment;

Integrity - The transparent operation in any situation;

Responsibility - fulfillment of promises and obligations;

 Trust -  the ability to find the right solution in a timely and quick manner in any situation;

ForHoreca is a designer and supplier of quality workwear, supplier of exclusive dishes, furniture, bedding, stylish interior details, cosmetic for hotels. For Your need we can make tablecloths from exclusive fabrics, in accordance with individual sizes, futhermore - we can put logo to garments by embroidering, printing, digital printing.

Our strong team with a strong foundation of values makes it possible to get deeper to the needs of each HUMAN and provide the opportunity to create a single, high quality and consistent work.

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