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HoReca tableware


Porcelain, which Europe didn't have until the 18th century, is also known as "white gold", due to its valuebleness. The Porcelain-series of Vega will always persuade you with its perfect balance of each individual component - developed with high-tech-material, which makes it so suitable in the gastronomy. Whats Your benefit? You get an exceptional edge-impact resistance, a hard and durable surface with an indestructible glaze, even on ornaments. Many of our porcelain products are multifunctional and persuade with their ingeniuos combinability. 

Cutlery from VEGA are precisely elaborated tools made of high quality stainless steel with an especially robust surface, in which developing process we attach great value to the "feel". Many of our offeried series are VEGA-Designs with huge product range, which was developed with international designers.

Glasses are most likely the most commonly used utensils. That's why we hold a huge variety of different mouldings, production methods and glass quantities at your disposal; blown, pressed, smoothed, engraved. With us You can find the perfect glass for every drink. Our elegant crystal glass-series persuade with its exceptional clarity, shine, sound and aroma experience can hardly be surpassed. Good taste is bound to trends. Thats why there is a 5 year availability guaranty on VEGA stem glass series.

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