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Textile for restaurants


Why textile is better than paper in restaurant?

  • AMBIENCE: More than 70% of restaurant-goers associate tables set with cloth with a better restaurant experience.
  • LOWER COST: The average consumer uses three paper napkins per meal, compared to one cloth napkin.


Restaurants that would like to improve food quality and service perception, and charge more per entrée, should strongly consider using cloth napkins, because 50 percent of visitors expect to pay more money than if they were seated at a table with paper napkins.


Forhoreca offers for restaurants carefully selected, worldwide well-known textile solutions.

On our range we have:

Polyvinyl placemats (available in different designs, shapes, sizes and colors)

Classic ATLAS CANTE napkins, runners, tablecloths, available in different colors and sizes, made from 100% cotton.

Teflon coated runners and tablecloths - available size till D-3m, plain or patterned. Water repellent - is great solution in order to avoid liquid stains. 

Acrylic coated runners and tablecloths - available widht - 180 cm, stylish 100% polyester patterns or natural looking linen - it is a perfect solutions for outdoor tables and terraces. Do not needed to be washed after each customer - simply just cleaned.

COTTON TOUCH napkins, runners, tablecloths - available widht 3 m. Is a perfect price-quality longtime solution. Fabric made from 100% polyester - thats avoid shrinkage but feels like cotton. Even dark colors stays dark after several washes. The form of round tablecloth stays same wash after wash. Easy care.

Classic polyester cotton mix - available widht is 3.25 m. Feels like pure cotton, soft and easy care. A lots of colors available. 

Those are our bestsellers - we can offer much more. Please do not hesitate to contact us in order to get special offer!

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