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Start your happy workwear story here with us.

Forhoreca offers workwear for all those who work with taking care of others. Workwear that will make life at work easier for all those people working in sectors like , restaurants and hotels, shops, kitchens, cleaning & service. 

KITCHEN: Whether you look for a traditional white jacket or a modern update of the same in other colours and fabrics we have got exactly what you are looking for. Our trousers are developed for your profession and has all the details that makes work easier. 

SHIRTS, POLOS: Look smart in a polo, classic in a v-neck or trendy in an oversize top. We have got it all from basic t-shirts to tank tops and stripes. All for your perfect combo.

APRONS: An apron is not just to keep you clean. It should also make you feel and look good. Choose from several styles and colors and match with your outfit.

SUITTING: Jackets, vests, skirts, dresses and tousers in a large palette of colours, styles and fabrics. All with great quality, fitting and designed for freedom of movement.

ACCESSORIES: Ties, scarfs, bow-ties, suspenders, shoes, hats.

Show off with your garments and give them uniqueness. We will help you with all from embrodery or print of logos, names or brand values to name tags.

We offer both - ready-made garments and individual design - please do not hesitate to contact us to find out best style solution for Your business.

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